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1. An Introduction

This guide is provided as a reference for anyone who is interested in a serious attempt to find and record phenomena which may be evidence of the paranormal. This guide does not guarantee results, nor does it take for granted the existence or otherwise of ghosts and paranormal phenomena. What it will do, is provide you with some steps to get started, details of a few things you can try at home, and possible ways of interpreting the results.


Before you begin, the important thing to remember is that most evidence, no matter how convincing, does not necessarily indicate the absolute existence of ghosts. As with a lot of paranormal phenomena, it is very difficult to find and present evidence which conclusively proves it's existence. The subject of ghosts has been debated for years, the doubters will argue that there is no solid evidence for their existence, while the believers will claim that there is ample proof. The difference is, the evidence can be interpreted in more ways than one, and whether you believe it or not is down to personal opinion and your own interpretation of the available evidence. When a really convincing piece of evidence presents itself, either that evidence is a hoax, or most people dismiss it as a hoax regardless. This is because 'really convincing evidence' usually comes in the form of something which can be hoaxed, such as photographs, video footage and even television shows. The number of hoaxes that have been presented damages the chances of serious research being conducted on the subject.


But despite this, independent research by small groups and individuals with a keen interest in getting to the bottom of this mystery has yielded some fascinating results in recent years. If you are really interested in capturing your own evidence of the paranormal, by all means go for it - you may be pleasantly surprised by the results.

All ready to give it a go ? Then let's proceed.

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