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True Ghost Stories

First hand accounts of paranormal phenomena


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The big grey cat
4/15/2016 | 0 | Location: la
Submitted by timothy wayne giles: In the very early seventies I had been away from my family home at a distant construction job. At my return I discovered a new fami.......View full story...

The land we live on has paranormal activities
3/25/2016 | 0 | Location: Kentucky
Submitted by Country girl: It happened two years ago when my husband and I moved into a house in secluded woods on a land of Old Civil War battlefield ground. The ve.......View full story...

I experienced apportation
3/3/2016 | 0 | Location: Ontario, Canada
Submitted by Christine: I always wear my garnet ring on my middle finger on my right hand and I am aware that it is there. I went to my sister's place and as we were.......View full story...

Crib to closet
2/23/2016 | 0 | Location: Minnesota
Submitted by KuvHaibKoj: I was in my living room with my husband, my daughter was 2-3 months old and she was just sleeping in her crib. Me and my husband were watchi.......View full story...

The night all hell broke loose
2/15/2016 | 0 | Location: Kentucky
Submitted by lora: I was in my mid 30's and working the midnight shift in a nursing home in Western Kentucky...I have been in nursing for many years but I have never.......View full story...

Evil entities
2/14/2016 | 0 | Location: New York USA
Submitted by Sandy Henrichs: A few years ago someone from Firecracker called to see if we were interested in doing a re-enactment but it was still very raw, now my f.......View full story...

Grandma's still here
2/9/2016 | 0 | Location: Illinois, United States
Submitted by Heather Perry: My grandmother had just died and I was the last to know. I walked into our 3 story home with my aunt, my grandfather and the pastor were .......View full story...

Are you afraid of the dark?
1/26/2016 | 0 | Location: LI, NY
Submitted by brighteyezx0o: I have always been afraid of the dark since I was around 8 years old, (I am semi still afraid of the dark even now at 26 years old). When.......View full story...

Who else dwells here?
1/16/2016 | 0 | Location: California
Submitted by Mae LaRue: About 16 years ago my family and I moved into the two-story house that we still live in today. I chose this house because I liked the floor p.......View full story...

The disappearing child
1/12/2016 | 0 | Location: ga
Submitted by jessie hill: I was home alone one weekend and it was late afternoon. I had all the doors and windows open because it was so hot. The dogs were outside l.......View full story...

Result Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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