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     4 odd stories i recall.

     Added: 05-21-18 by JC

     Location: Location: Scotland


Story 1. Me and my friend were at her home hanging out, watching YouTube, talking etc. Her mum then came through saying that she was going to the shop with my friends step dad and siblings and she was trusting us not to set the house on fire whilst they were gone (We didn't set the house on fire :P ) and with that she left. Me and my friend went back to drawing, talking etc. Around...10 minutes? later we heard a knock at the door, being curious we went to the door and looked through the peeping hole as the door was locked and no one was there. I then noticed her dogs who always bark at the door were sitting still and silently. We went back upstairs giggling about how it was probably some kids, but then we heard the door again and we went back down and no one again, my friend then turned to me and said "Wait...all the kids in this flat complex are at Davids party..." We then got even more creeped out. The door went 3 more times and on the 6th time we just left it, but then I saw a finger at the window tapping on the glass "Heeeeey, Zofia we are on the top floor right?" I asked "Yeah. Why?" She asked so I said "Oh no reason but I just want to point out that finger at the window" I said, she freaked out when she saw it, she opened the window and saw no one and the finger was gone, we didn't tell her family. Her house is haunted by 3 kids and a mother.
Story 2. When I was younger I was in bed and I woke up from being sad, I got up and looked at the bottom of my bed to see an animal sitting at the bottom of my bed staring at me with yellow eyes. Now I could have just said it was one of my cats, but the only cat I have with yellow eyes is a Manx, AKA no tail...I then noted that the bottom of the animal looked more like a dog than a cat. Out of fear I ran and turned the light on and it was gone. I kept the light on that night. A few days later I was sad again and I saw the cat/wolf/dog thing staring at me again...but it made me so calm that I fell asleep, this was when I was 6. It has been 6 years and I have not seen it since, I honestly miss it.
Story 3. My computer used to be in the living room next to a window. I would often look out the window in anticipation for my old friend. One day I looked out the window to see if I could see my old friend but instead I saw a small girl around 12 at my gate, with a black Victorian dress,covering her pale, almost grey skin, short hair that formed around her face with a sad look on her face. I was about to go out to get her, she looked so pretty but I blinked and she was gone. Haven't seen her since. (proof you see ghosts in daylight!)
Story 4. My parents told me this one. When my older brother was 3 he was getting tucked into bed and asked. Mummy, so you see the pretty white feathers as well. He then went to bed. Then when I was 2 or 1 I said to my father "Daddy look at the pretty white and gold feathers, aren't they pretty..." Then drifted off to sleep, all I knew how to say at that age was mummy, daddy and cummber (Instead of cucmuber I said cummber) so none the less my dad was 1.Scared because my big brother saw these feathers at around the same age 2. I just said a fully formed sentence when I only knew how to say 3 words at the point.
Hope you all enjoyed those 4 stories.

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