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     The one i call "ark"....

     Added: 05-22-18 by Call me : TheOneWhoKnowsTheArk

     Location: Location: Germany


So it all started around 2 years ago when i moved into the flat my sister lived before us. I live under the roof so in the winter it gets very cold, but this time it wasn't normal. One night around 1.30 am, i watched some YT videos and tried to sleep. Just before i could fall asleep, a loud knock woke me up. I thought, it was a pipe in the wall which starts to move because of the warm cold change and stuff, but form time to time it got more aggressive. After an hour of banging and no sleep i got out of bed and went to the wall. I knocked against it, but at my surprise the wall wasn't like empty inside, but i still had the thought it was the pipe because then i didn't believe in ghosts and stuff. 
Later that day i went downstairs to my "house-neighbour" and asked them if they had the same noises and or problems, but they said there were no pipes in these walls (every flat is build the same). The next night i woke up to the noise again. But this time it was SO different. it had a knock-beat like: bumm.bumm-bumm. bumm.bumm-bumm... I was freaked out. Then i heard a door slam outside my room. i went out and looked to see if i left any windows open, but none were open. From night to night it got more aggressive. After a while i asked my sister if that happened to her too, she said no.
With that i thought my research was totally destroyed, but the day i wanted to start again with the research the power cut out. The night with no power felt like years...and, this sounds crazy, waited for the knocks, and then they came. The next days every night there were no knocks.(How i got the name): One night was lan party night with friends. Every time someone said the word ARK a few moments later a knock came. When we realised it (I told my friends the story) we tried sometimes and it happened 90% of the time.
Since 6 Months there were no knocks anymore, no nothing. I don't know if it was a ghost, demon or whatever. but for me, it is always a reminder. For what? I'll tell you sometimes later. Thanks for reading and some help.

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