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     Red eyed girl

     Added: 05-24-18 by Justme

     Location: Location: U.S.A


So I was probably about 8 or 9 when this happened. This was a while ago so some of the details are a little foggy. I was going to the library with my best friend, lets call her Bella. We were walking through an alley to get to it. There were a lot of sketchy looking houses and creepy people watching us as we walked passed. We were with our parents so not much could happen, but I still got chills. We quickly passed though and entered the library. I still had the creepy feeling and couldn't shake it. I love reading so for me to be uncomfortable in a library was weird and Bella noticed immediately and started shooting glances at me. After a while she asked what was wrong and I just told her I had gotten a bad vibe from the alley. She seemed to understand and left me alone after that.
A little while later we left the library and I had all but forgotten the feeling. Then Bella brought up ghost stories. She asked if I wanted to hear one, and me, not wanted to seem like a wimp, agreed. So she told me about a little girl that haunted one of the houses in the Ally. She said that she had red eyes, claws and was our age. She told me that something bad had happened to her and she was forever haunting the alley, specifically one house. We were walking down the alley now, and I was getting chills again. I told her to stop joking and she said she wasn't. She then pointed to a house with a steep stair case and rickety doors. She being the attention seeking child, pretended to be able to see the ghost, but I knew she was joking. It wasn't until I actually looked at the door that I knew she was lying. I looked at the door and saw a faint outline of a girl. She was wearing a white dress, had long hair and red eyes. She stared directly at me and I looked at her hands. Long claw like nails protruded from them. I felt an increasing amount of dread build upon me. I shivered and knew Bella was faking, because she was smiling and laughing at me. The little girl suddenly smiled wickedly and lunged. Before she could reach me though, she vanished and I ran out of the alley.
To this date I don't know if it was my wild imagination or something else. I haven't told anyone about it, but I am occasionally plagued my dreams of a little girl. I found out about a year ago that a little girl had been murdered in that house, but they never found the killer. I have not set foot in that Alley since.

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