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     Making a movie. young, dumb, and stupid!

     Added: 05-23-18 by

     Location: Location: wisconsin


Making a movie. young, dumb, and stupid!
Submitted by Flinker
This story took place about 8 years ago, at that time my brothers and I wanted to create a ghost movie. We had this crazy idea for a ghost movie, the concepts were good, story boards were done, props were good and actors/actresses were on board. We had a green light we just needed a good location, and fortunately for us our sister and her family were moving. Our sister's house was the perfect location to film. That house was a 2 story building, with two basements. The upstairs had three rooms, and the main floor was just a living room and kitchen. The kitchen had glass sliding doors that lead to a patio with a built in grill. The basement had a second living room with a bedrooms and a small door that lead to the real basement area. I asked my sister if we could use the house for a day or so after they moved out and she said sure.
So the day before the filming my brother and I went to the house to prep the house a little bit. We went there to cover the windows of the rooms we planed on using for the night scenes. Why didn't we just film there at night? well, because our sister had told us stories about the house, she had mentioned that at night their dog would just randomly sit up and start barking at the walls, door ways, empty space. Which means.... that a.... they weren't always alone. So me and my brother got there and we started to cover the windows with plastic. We decide to cover the windows from the back of the house first then the front so we could always have light if we needed to dash out of there. So we covered one room upstairs and the kitchen windows. Next we needed to cover up the room down stairs in the basement. So we headed downstairs to the room and started covering up the windows. As we covered up the first window I heard a quiet creak by the door. I thought nothing of it because the house was older and houses makes noises. Then a couple of seconds later my brother asked me, "hey you hungry"? I was like strange question, but "no". So we continued with covering up the first window. and then we moved to the second window and my brother asked me again, "hey man you hungry"? At this point I understood what he really meant. He wasn't asking if I was actually hungry he was trying to tell me we should probably get out.
At that moment I remember a story that our sister told us. She had mentioned that she was cooking diner late at night and her 3 year old daughter was running back and forth from the kitchen to the living room. All of a sudden her daughter stops halfway in the hallway between the stair ways. Then she said "mom someone is staring at me". Since my sister was still cooking she didn't pay much mind to it. But what she said next scared my sister. She said "Mom he keeps staring at me and smiling." Then my sister turned to her and saw that she was standing in front of the stairs going down to the basement, and pointing down the steps. My sister could see that her child wasn't laughing or smiling but was scared at what she saw. she grab her child, sat her down, turned off the fire, and turned on all the lights and sat in the living by the door. The spot that my niece was pointing to was in front of the room were my brother and I were covering up the windows.
At this point my hair on my arms and back of my head was standing. I was so terrified to the point were I didn't want to look at the door just in case something was there smiling at us. But we needed this window covered and I was really hopeful for this movie. So we finished that window in half the time and went upstairs without looking around. As I entered the living room from the hallway I saw a black figure standing in the right corner of the room. I assumed my brother had beaten me to that living room because at this point we both were trying to get out of the house as fast as possible. As I was grabbing my coat I saw my brother enter from the kitchen door way. At that point I realized what I had seen and walked me butt to the door, opened it, and we both rushed out and locked up. This is where it gets funny. While we were driving away from that house, my brother asked me "dude did you not get the hint, when I asked if you were hungry"? I said "at first no but the second time I understood". So he said "then why did we stay to finish up that window"? I said "because I was really hopeful for the movie and I wanted it to work out". Even till this day he calls me crazy, and idiotic.

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