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     Ghost and reality?

     Added: 04-26-18 by Ant

     Location: Location: UK Hereford


I have had several sightings or experiences in my life, and so have some of my family members. I would be happy to share them with you again, however I would like to tell you about this experience that happened to me all of 32 years ago, but still seems like yesterday.
We had just got married, and only a few weeks before had bought our first house, a small two up two down built in the 1930's. It needed redecorating throughout, and the back garden had not been touched in quite a few years, in fact it resembled a jungle more than a garden, and had grown above my head, but it would have to take a back seat until the house was finished. We settled in to our new home, and then about 3 months later, it happened. My alarm clock went off waking me up for work, it was 4.30 am and being in winter time, it was pitch black and I noticed how chilly the room felt. I quickly turned to my right to turn the alarm off hoping not to disturb my wife, and then switched my bed side lamp on. I sat up in bed with my eyes closed for a few minutes, but when I opened them I was shocked to see standing at the foot of my bed, an old lady, she was looking at me and frowning. I looked back at her for what seemed like ages, but was in fact probably only 10-15 seconds. I noted that she looked about 70 years of age, with light grey hair pulled tightly into a bun on top of her head, she wore a knee length dress patterned with summer flowers, and around her waist she wore a frilled patterned pinafore apron. She stood with her hands joined together in front of her tummy. She reminded me of someone from wartime. Then as quickly as she arrived, she began to leave. She didn't walk, she glided across the room and it was only when she moved that I realised she was not solid but transparent. She disappeared straight through a solid wall that led out onto the main road. I woke my wife and told her what I had just seen. It affected us so much that for the next week, at night time we left every light on in the house, and we sat up in bed with our arms around each other trembling, fearing that she would return, but thankfully she never did.
However, moving on another five months, I had started to clear some of the overgrowth in the back garden, and while doing so I started to uncover a very long shed, approximately 40-50 feet long, which ran along the garden wall, and which neither myself nor my wife knew anything about. It had several windows along its front, all of which where broken, and one door which was hanging on its hinges. I crouched a little to get inside and could see that the shed was one continuous shed as I could see from one end right through to the other. As I walked through, I could see news papers, rags, lots of twigs and broken wood, and hear the crunching of broken glass underfoot. One large crunch underfoot had me looking down to see what had caused it. As I bent down, I pulled up some debris which was partially embedded in the muddy clay floor, and found that it was three sides of a photo frame with a photo still in it. As I cleaned some of the mud from the photo, a face stared back at me that I instantly recognised. It was the old lady that I had seen all those months before at the foot of my bed. She was also wearing the same clothes. In the photo however, she was not alone, and stood aside an elderly gentleman possibly her husband?
I have no idea what happened to the photograph as I can't remember ever seeing it again, but more than thirty years on, I can still see the old lady as if it were yesterday. However, I am very thankful that I never got to meet the gentleman in the photo also.

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