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     I knew something had happened to my dad before it happened

     Added: 04-25-18 by Gee-Ann

     Location: Location: South Africa


It was March 27, 1997. I was 21 years old and I was living in a small town called Richards Bay with my boyfriend. My father, Dave, was 45 years old and he and my brother were renting an apartment in Durban from my boyfriend. Durban is about a 2 hour drive from the town I live in. My mom and dad were divorced, so my mom and her boyfriend were living with myself and my boyfriend in Richards Bay. My daughter was 13 months old at the time.
We were all sitting in the living room, I had my daughter on my lap and we were just talking about what we were going to do in Durban that weekend. It was the Easter weekend and we were all packed and ready to leave the following day. I remember getting this overwhelming feeling of what I can only describe as pain and sorrow, and I could not get my father out of my mind. Of course, I had no idea why I was feeling this way, but I could not shake the feeling that something was not right. Thinking about him made me want to cry. I needed to get out of that room, but it was only 7pm, and I knew it was too early to go to bed, but my tears were threatening and I had no idea how to explain to everyone what was happening, so I just told everyone that I am very tired and I got up and went to the bedroom with my daughter.
As I was walking down the hallway toward the bedroom, I could not hold back my tears any longer and I burst out crying. I ran to the bedroom, closed the door and basically cried myself to sleep. At around 8:15pm, my mom woke me up. I took one look at her face, then for some reason I looked at my bathroom en-suite. I was still looking into the bathroom, when my mom said.."It's Dave." (We called my dad by his name). Without even looking at her, I said "He's dead isn't he?" Then I will never forget her face when I looked at her. She had this look of shock on her face. She said, "I'm not sure, Clinton (my brother) found him in the bathroom."
We packed our bags into the car, and left for Durban. We drove directly to my boyfriends parents house, where my brother was waiting for us. My brother got home from work and found a letter from my dad, then he found my dad in the bathroom. He had used a tow rope and neck tie and had hanged himself. His time of death was approximately 8pm. The other unsettling thing is that when my boyfriend and I lived in that apartment before my dad and brother moved in, I always hated the wooden storage shelf that was in the bathroom. I had wanted my boyfriend to take it down because it gave me the creeps. This is the wooden storage shelf my father hanged himself from. I know that this isn't exactly a paranormal experience, but this is not the only story I have. I have experienced many paranormal things in my life, including having my father around me after his death, as well as more sinister, unsettling, scary experiences.

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