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     Evil presence at my grandmother's apartment

     Added: 04-25-18 by Gee-Ann

     Location: Location: South Africa


It was an evening in February, 1998. My daughter was 2 years old and my mom and I were at my grandmother's house, making snacks and treats for my daughter's birthday party the following day. My gran owns two apartments right next door to each other. We were in the two bedroom apartment, by the dinning room table, making the snacks, but because her kitchen was so small, we were storing all the birthday snacks to be made in the bachelor apartment next door. Every time we needed to make the next snack, I would go to the bachelor apartment to get the stuff and bring it back to the two bedroom apartment.
On one of my trips to the bachelor apartment, I felt very uneasy. When I entered the bachelor apartment, I had this overwhelming feeling that something was with me. I could not bring myself to think of it as SOMEONE, because it felt very evil. I grabbed the snacks to be made and ran out of the apartment and down the corridor to the two bedroom apartment, the whole time feeling like something was literally breathing on the back of my neck and it felt like it was going to hurt me. When I got to the door of the apartment, I stopped and walked inside because I felt foolish and didn't want anyone to think I was insane. Now, the dinning room table is basically behind the door of the apartment. I sat down, still shaking, and continued helping to make the snacks, the whole time dreading going back to fetch more. I was back no more than 30 seconds, when my daughter all of a sudden, slinks down under the table and is holding my mom's leg and she is shaking uncontrollably. She has her face up against my mom's leg and won't let go or look up. My mom leans down and asks her what's wrong, and what she said still gives me chills. She said "There's a kaka man by the door." Now, she would call nasty or horrible people kaka. My mom and gran both look at me and they tell me to please go and check. I did not want to go, but didn't want to see my daughter like this, so I got up to check. I walked to the door and peeked around it, but saw nothing...however, I could feel the presence was still there.
My gran and my mom both have the ability to see, sense and talk to those who have passed on. So, it made me more frightened when my gran asked my mom if she thinks my daughter has the same abilities. Then my gran asked my mom if she thinks I have them, and my mom said..."If she did, it would be happening right now." They were speaking to each other in hushed tones, so I just acted like I didn't hear them. I never spoke about any of my experiences until about four years ago.

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