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     Added: 05-22-18 by Darkskull666

     Location: Location: America/ South Carolina


I screamed as I woke up in a cold sweat, just like I had done every other night for the past four days. No matter how hard I try I just can never seem to remember any bit of the mysterious dream that seems to never leave besides an overwhelming since of dread and primal fear. Like I have done every day for the past three years since I got my new job as an accountant for the company my cousin Brandon works at. I wake up, get dressed, drank my morning coffee and then started my morning commute to work, I live in a small town in the middle of South Carolina and the job is all the way up in North Carolina, it's a pretty long trip but the money it provides in more than worth it.
As I was going about my daily routine at my desk I felt it again, that deep seeded sense of fear that feels like anything could pounce on me at anytime it wanted but I could not find a reason to be feeling this way, that is until I saw it, a shadowy figure peeking around an ordinary office corner just staring, unblinking. I don't know how to describe it, it was like I could feel all the hate and malice of the world flowing out of this one entity. But as quickly as I saw it, it disappeared back around the ordinary office corner. As soon as the "thing" released me from its gaze it felt like all of the weight, pressure, and fear left me all at once. As expected in this type of situation I was very curious so I went to investigate, I walk up to and around the corner, nothing besides the normal things you would expect to find in a normal office hallway such as a printer and a few of my colleagues scattered here and there. I asked some of my co-workers if they saw anything that fit the deion I gave then, but as I asked everyone in that area if they saw anything I was always met with the same answer, "I haven't seen anything like that, sorry". As you can probably imagine I was very confused, first I have this weird dream that I can't remember and that leaves behind a strange and horrible fear, and then I see a "thing" in my workplace staring at me, and which induces in me the same sense of primal fear and malice as the dream.
After I finished my day at work I drove back home. After the events of the office I was left confused and very paranoid, and just to put my mind at rest I went down to my basement, dug up and old box from the corner under the steps, and pulled up an old camera that my dad left to me just before he died, I cleaned off the camera and set it up in the top left corner of my room so it could clearly see my entire room. I dreaded falling asleep, because I knew what would follow. As I felt myself slipping from reality I saw slight movement from the hallway through the crack of my partially opened door. but by that I noticed, it was too late to react, I was in my former dreamland which is no longer safe and now plagued by that nightmare.
As I woke up the next morning still shaken by the dream I realized that something felt different like I could remember some of the dream, as I focused all of my mind and energy on trying to remember the dream I had a quick glimpse into the windows of my dream and saw something I will never forget. From the view I had in the dream it looked like I was in my closet but as I looked out from the closet shutters I saw myself, still sleeping in my bed. As I further inspected my room I noticed something truly terrifying, in every shadow, crack, or crevice, it was the figure I had seen before at work, except there were hundreds of it just staring, never blinking. It seemed that every time I blinked the creatures looked like they moved forward just the slightest bit, this continued on for about half an hour, until these creatures were about one foot away from my bed and my sleeping body. And then I woke up, but the creature didn't go away with the dream. I lie there petrified and frozen.
I have never been a very religious man, but that night in my former room which was now my own personal hell I prayed, I prayed for some higher power to come rescue me from this hell and end this nightmare, but none came. As I was praying I recoiled when I heard the raspy deep voices of these creatures all speaking in unison as they said "there is no god that can save you" "you will spend the rest of your life here, with us. There is no way out". I screamed as I woke up in a cold sweat, just like I had done every other night for the past four days. no matter how hard I try I just can never seem to remember any bit of the mysterious dream.

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