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     Churring sound in bedroom

     Added: 12-13-17 by Carolyn P

     Location: Location: Ohio


I was lying awake about 3 am when I heard a churring sound that lasted a couple of seconds and then reoccurred at intervals. I had a screened window open and could dimly see out into the darkness of my large back yard. I could see nothing moving. The sound stopped briefly and then started reoccurring at intervals. I didn't notice whether the intervals were regular or not. I raised my head from the pillow in order to hear more acutely, and the idea entered my mind that the sound might be a bird or insect. As I tried to locate its source, it seemed to be coming from several feet up on the wall in which the window was situated, but at least five feet from the window. That alarmed me, and I turned on my bedside light. The sound immediately stopped and did not return.
My dog and cat had been sleeping at the foot of the bed, a few feet from where I perceived the sound to me. The cat was awake and looking toward the general direction of the sound, but appeared uninterested. Had there been a bug or rodent, he would have sensed it and jumped down to investigate. I had a fan going on low speed on my dresser, between the window and the strange sound. I'm used to radio-station-like sounds coming through the fan, but there were none that night. Has anyone ever heard of something like this?

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