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     It still follows me

     Added: 05-23-18 by David/ Mittenz

     Location: Location:


Years back me and four friends decided to hang out at Mohican park and when we got there it was a beautiful day. All the baseball fields had games in them, even the empty field had a game of soccer going on. So basically we got bored of the swings and wanted to explore the wooded area, get a little adventure in our lives. We walked around for a bit and there was this like imagine a small garage made of sticks, like a hut. Only this thing was pretty study like a man bird made it. I made a joke and said "A wizard lives here guys" they laughed and Ant said it's just some homeless guy's house. So we kept on walking around for like 15 minutes and the whole time Gabby's big bro kept saying "yo i saw something" and we ignored him because he plays like that. Then all of a sudden we stop.. we make it to this small clearing in the wooded area where we can see the park and you won't believe this but, the sunny day was cloudy no sunshine anywhere and the park full of life showed no signs of ever being inhabited today it's was like a ghost town I could hear the breeze. Then it happened, right in front of us in the grass was an oval like orb so black it looked out of place, from the moment i looked at it no sound was present. As it crossed our pathos didn't shake or tremor it perfectly glided across. We instantly took off! I had never ran so fast in my life! We stopped in one of the baseball fields and my friend Gabby, he has a strong Latin accent and all I can hear is him saying "Do not disturb the undisturbed" over and over. I calmed him down and and we call it a night and part out ways. 
The next day all my friends are over and we decide to play tag, I have a big yard so it was perfect. We run around like crazy till the sun starts to set and then I see my friend Ezale get tagged. This is hell for me because he is the fastest runner and I could never get away, he instantly looks at me and the chase begins. I run up my driveway around back then I suddenly heard Ezale behind me crash into the fence and scream "What the ****!!?! I turn and dropped realizing what just happened, I didn't notice because it was dark but, between me and Ezale was my fence..he grabbed me saying "bro what the- wha dude.. how?" I had no answer.. I really wanted to get away and somehow a ran straight through a solid object..
In the current house now years after that, I was fixing my air conditioner when I TURNED and noticed something  black on the other side of my bed I thought it was my cat Jack because it was still there when I looked.. Then it suddenly sank out of sight.. my heart dropped and I ran to confirm it was my cat and nothing was there! I almost lost my marbles when I remembered I let jack on the porch..
The same week, I was walking past a huge church with my friend Ant and it was during my insecure times. I had acne and hated it so much it haunted my teen years but, he kept saying hurtful jokes about it and he really made me sad when he said you ugly as **** bro. That's when I suddenly stopped in front of the church and said "how dare you speak to me like this in front of this Chapel, you shall regret your words in misfortune." His facial expression changed like he was scared, he said "why you say that?". I replied saying "I don't know." We walked down a little further and people came out the side of the building and dropped a box of food on him. Everyone laughed, then he ripped in between his joggers, he lost his money and we couldn't get into his house because nobody was home. We went to Gabbys and told him about what happened and all Gabby did was laugh and say "you should be more respectful bro watch your mouth."
I talked to a friend I said she can see auras, I had two friends with me. She told me she saw blue and green and purple and some other colors and said "huh' that's weird." "What's weird?" I replied. She said "well I've never seen black on a person before there's also a little white." Then she started saying she can see a figure getting closer to us, that's when she started acting strange. She was getting dizzy and I had to catch her, i helped her over to a chair and i heard her speak something to me. I am not joking but I heard Latin and backwards speaking simultaneously. Like two unsettling voices in sync. All my friends heard were mumbles but, it freaked Charles out enough to say "b**** stop" and leave the room scared. I've had many strange events like this if anyone can give me some advice or share their thoughts please do.

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