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     My daughter can see what most can't

     Added: 04-25-18 by Renee

     Location: Location: Tennessee, U.S.


My daughter is 16yrs old now but there are a few experiences I had with her when she was much younger. At the age of 4 I allowed her father to take her out of state to visit relatives before she began her kindergarten year at school. When she returned she had hours and hours of things to tell me but I paused her on one thing to ask for more detail. She was telling me about cars all smashed up and policemen everywhere and in her limited vocabulary seemed to be describing the Jaws Of Life machine. She was obviously referring to a serious car accident on the interstate. She concluded by stating, "It didn't matter, though, that lady was already dead." I was a bit upset with her father, assuming he had made an off-hand remark that she shouldn't have heard. I asked her how she knew that and she told me she saw the lady come out of the top of her car and fly away.
The next significant event happened the summer after that, between her kindergarten and 1st grade year. Her grandparents took her on a vacation to the beach. When she came home I said, "Look at you, girl! You are brown!" (Referring to her tan, of course.) She said, "Yep, I'm brown and you're orange." Huh?, I thought. I'm fair-complected so I said, nope, you're brown and I'm peach. At this I received an eye-roll (rather scornfully, may I add), "Not your skin, Mommy, your COLOR!" Later I discovered that according to some an orange aura means happiness, and I was definitely happy to have my baby back home after a week. Could she have been describing my aura?
One last thing I'm adding is when she was 3 years old she was sitting quietly in the backseat of the car as I drove, listening entranced to the song by Phil Collins "In The Air Tonight". Everyone knows how distinctive his voice is and after the song was over she said matter-of-factly, "Mommy, did you know my voice sounded just like that a long time ago when I was a man?" Past-life memory?? Who knows, but as I said before she's 16 now and recalls all of these experiences perfectly. That's all I will write for now because this is getting rather long but I will have more to share in the future. Thank you for reading!

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