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     Experiences after my brother died

     Added: 04-25-18 by Renee

     Location: Location: Tennessee, U.S.


This is my 2nd story sent to the readers here and it involves not only my daughter this time but myself as well. Her father and I didn't work out in a relationship but I remain very close with his family. His only sibling was his younger brother, who I was most attached to as he helped me so much with my baby and loved her to pieces. He had recently been staying with his parents after a bad break-up with his girlfriend (who hated me and I have no clue why??) My daughter was 7 at the time and she was there often at her grandparent's house because I worked a lot as a single mother. She was lying on the couch watching TV with her uncle D (I would rather not use his real name), and she asked him for the remote but got no response. She shook him and screamed for her grandma but it was too late- he was still warm but had died there on the couch of an overdose at the age of 27. The strange thing was that he was not a drug user- his job regularly drug-tested. He was not suicidal either to our knowledge, but the OD was caused by blood-pressure pills- a difficult thing to deal with is what happened??
His body was obviously sent for an autopsy so we didn't hold the funeral until a week later but just 2 days after he passed my daughter woke me in the middle of the night telling me that Uncle D wanted to talk to me. I followed her across the hall to her room to find nothing but the closet door open. She was puzzled and said, " Where did he go? He came out of the closet and was pointing to his head and then to your room and his mouth was moving like he was talking but I couldn't hear him." I comforted her the best I could but she seemed more upset that he didn't wait for me than the fact that she saw him.
Not long after his funeral I saw him myself- in her room exactly where she had seen him. I had gotten up in the night for a drink of water and on my way back to bed I glanced into her room and froze. He was leaning over her bed with his hand on his heart and his other hand on her heart. She was sleeping soundly so I just stood a moment and watched but I felt almost like I was intruding so I left them and went back to bed. But...the one thing that made this memory so vivid is the fact that he seemed to made of silver glitter! It was him for sure, well over 6feet tall and thin as a rail, I could make out his features, even his ball cap he always wore (I had a profile view from where I was standing.) It was him to the life except his entire form was made up of swirling glitter, I even remember thinking it was odd that it didn't give off light to cast a shadow- it was that bright. This is still one of my best memories, though myself, my daughter, and his mother have had several visits from him since and I'll certainly send in more to this site. Thank you for reading and letting me share my experiences!

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