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     My brother let me know he liked my haircut 2 months after he died

     Added: 04-25-18 by Renee

     Location: Location: Tennessee, U.S.


I submitted a story earlier describing the odd circumstances of my daughter's uncle's death, it's 9yrs later now and we're still puzzled as to what happened. He died of an overdose at the age of 27 but I say again with certainty- he was not a drug user due to his job conducting regular drug tests. He wasn't suicidal to our knowledge but that seems to be the only explanation- my problem accepting this is the fact that my daughter was the one who discovered him and he would never take a chance on that happening- he adored my little girl.
This happened to me less than a year after his death. My family has always had a few members each generation who regularly can see things most people don't. My daughter is most certainly one and my aunt is another. My aunt Shae is only 4 years older than me so she's pretty much my sister. On this afternoon I was alone in the house, perhaps an hour before I was due to pick up my daughter from school. I was sitting at my dining room table on my laptop and the house was totally silent. To my right is a glass door leading onto the back deck and to my left is the archway to the living room. I was startled by a loud noise that seemed to come from the thin air next to me on my left. My best deion would be like someone dropping a very heavy book onto our tile floor, kind of like a loud clapping sound. I got up, searched the house, went outside and looked around- nothing. So I sat back down at my computer and almost immediately I felt something tugging my shirt sleeve. I was wearing a loose, long-sleeved top and I could actually see my left sleeve moving and feel a cold breeze up that side of my body but I saw nothing. I've never been frightened of such things so I just said, "Ok, yes, I know you're here", and continued what I was doing.
Less than an hour later I'm sitting in line at the school waiting for my daughter and my cell rings- it's Shae. I answer the phone and the first thing she says is, "Hey, D wanted me to tell you he likes your new haircut." Imagine my surprise! First and foremost, I hadn't yet told ANYONE about earlier that afternoon, and I had just gotten my haircut the day before so Shae hadn't seen it yet. My only problem was that I was a bit miffed that he hadn't tried harder to talk to me, he talked to Shae instead, and I wonder why I hadn't seen him standing right beside me when I have seen him before this.

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