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     Moving dolls and late night whistles

     Added: 04-23-18 by Renee

     Location: Location: Tennessee, U.S.


I want to share with other readers what I experienced when I lived in a very old house owned by a friend of my mother's. I lived there alone with my daughter Sarah, 2yrs old at the time and I was pregnant with my son. The home had 2 bedrooms but Sarah and I slept together in the biggest one. The room stayed cold but nothing was wrong with the heating system so I just decided it was because of the big windows.
Not long after Sarah began screaming whenever she was left in there alone, and when my bed collapsed 2 nights in a row with us in it I gave up and we slept on the couch from then on. Then a new irritation started after we quit sleeping in the room- I would get up in the morning to get our clothes for the day and the door was locked from the inside. Every single day. I started keeping a butter knife nearby to pick the lock open whenever I needed in there. Also in that room was a built-in shelf that held Sarah's large collection of porcelain dolls. I suppose that after whoever it was got no reaction to the locked door, it decided to rearrange and turn all the dolls to face the wall.
Again, every single day. Another significant thing that happened was that I was up for a midnight pee (being pregnant, that wasn't unusual) but this time it was a very unusual potty trip. The toilet was against the wall that separated the bathroom from the dining room and as I sat there still halfway asleep, a whistling began coming from the dining room. As soon as it hit me that someone in my house was whistling at me, it turned to a tune. It was vaguely familiar but I still can't place the exact tune. It stopped after about 30 seconds, so I clearly heard it and I was certainly awake by then.
We moved not long after and I never did find out who might have still been in that house. Mom's friend that I rented from had no info whatsoever, her brother had bought the large piece of land it was on to build a new home and just decided to rent it instead of tearing it down. The house is still there, but I wonder if it still has an invisible occupant.

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