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     Something isn't right

     Added: 05-21-18 by stormy

     Location: Location: oregon


There are several things i'd like to tell about that have happened to me and those who live in our home, first time we have ever experienced something was about 6 months after moving in. My daughter who at the time was 12 and my 17 year old son were sitting on the carpet making jewelry, at our table about 4 ft from us was my roommate who was 50 at the time. While we were engaged in our crafts I opened a soda and sat it on the side table next to the couch, about 5 minutes later we had a huge iron clock on the wall just to the left of where we were sitting and the clock came out from the wall, only on the bottom half as if someone had grabbed it and pulled it out then let it go slamming hard against the wall, not once but twice. All of us looking at each other like did you just see that.
We were so completely baffled we just decided to carry on and to not give in to whatever it was. Then while we were all sitting in silence trying to figure out what just took place my soda that I had just opened slid off the table in mid air and stopped right in the middle of where we were sitting and turned upside down, then slammed on the ground. wt??? were my words, this obviously was not going to be ignored. We all said to the other that had no one else been there to see it we would have thought we were losing our minds.
Then about a year later I was coming home from a friends about 1:00 am and we live in a somewhat rural area, although we have neighbors all around we have no one real close, we live down a dirt road and we are the second house down this road. Between the two houses there is two acres of pasture and I had a car parked there that I had a bunch of things in and had stopped to get something from it and it was not that dark. I didn't even need a flashlight to see and when I found what I was getting I rose up from car to close the door and in my ear as if someone had their mouth within a inch of my ear I hear this horrible growl, and I could feel the hot breath in my ear. I swung around and said who is that and the hair on the back of my neck stood up and something told me to go back to the road and not go to my house.
So instead of going to my house I went back to the road, went to the store about a mile away and called my roommate to come pick me up in his truck. When I got in he and I went to the house and upon pulling into our driveway when he stopped we both looked up at the bushes in front of us and there were two bright red eyes. We looked at each other and he said did you just see something? I said yes, he said write what you saw on paper and I will too then we will compare, the both of us wrote the same thing glowing red eyes. As soon as we saw them though they were gone.
Since this I have felt uneasy like someone is near, but I shut it off and continue with what it is i'm doing and it usually goes away. I have been seeing things and have had some very strange things happen before moving here. I just need to know what that could have been that growled in my ear? I think about it all the time and I have never heard anything so creepy in my life, the fact that I felt the hot breath in my ear makes it even more creepy.

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